The presentation, created by Ms. Krishna Bharwad from Coder Edge Technologies, provides an insightful overview of GitHub, a leading platform for code hosting and version control. It details GitHub’s features such as its ability to facilitate collaboration among large development teams, integration with bug tracking tools, and robust access control. The presentation explains the basic structure of code versioning, highlighting the importance of repositories, branches, trunks, and revisions. It also covers the history of GitHub, its interface options (CLI and GUI), onboarding processes, advantages like project management and code safety, and disadvantages such as the initial learning curve and security concerns.

What you will learn

  • Overview of GitHub: Understanding GitHub as a platform for version control and collaboration, providing both online and local repositories.
  • Features of GitHub: Insights into project management, team management, code safety, and easy code hosting.
  • Basic Structure of Code Versioning: Explanation of repositories, branches, trunks, and revisions, and their roles in version control.
  • History and Development: A brief history of GitHub’s development and launch.
  • Interfaces and Onboarding: Different ways to access GitHub (CLI and GUI) and the onboarding process.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages: Benefits like collaboration and backup, and challenges like usability for beginners and security issues.