AHMEDABAD, Oct 19, 2022 – Today, Coder Edge Technologies has become a member of IPwe’s Blockchain Smart Pool, gaining immediate access to over 1,250 blockchain patents and patent applications.

Coder Edge Technologies being a member of the ‘Blockchain Council’ is working on the development of cost-effective Blockchain Based solutions to enable small enterprises to leverage the technology for reliable business growth. Helping enterprises in establishing trust between enterprises to ensure reliable and quality service delivery, technology can play a pivotal role. But making technology accessible to each level is the responsibility of each innovation-driven organization.

“The most innovative and cost-effective way to achieve freedom-to-innovate in the Blockchain Market is to have access to IPwe’s Blockchain Smart Pool. Blockchain technology ensures freedom in various aspects of the business from establishing trust relationships to preserving identity in a rapidly growing world. Making technology affordable and user-friendly is the mission of Coder Edge Technologies.” said Coder Edge Technologies, CEO Prashant Sharma.

CONTACT: Prashant Sharma, CEO, info@coder-edge.com