"Dhiranbook", an accounting package for Small and Micro Finance Companies to step into the future

Dhiran Book Provides Easy Solution For book-keeping of mortgage-based personal loans in digital books.

  1. Title Display Including Firm Name And Reg: No, date & time
  2. Top Accounting Calculations
    • Mudi Rokan
    • Silak Umero
    • Dhiran(total Cilents and paid loans)
    • Chukavni(Total Repayments)
    • Kharch
    • Khatavahi
  3. Loan Calculator
    • Interest Calculator
    • EMI Calculation
  4. Calender
Capital Mangment
  1. Mudi Khatu
    • Add New Bank Accounts
    • Add Cash Balance/Opening Balance
    • Track Your Bank Account Balance
    • Track Your Cash Account Statements
  2. Bank Account Management
    • Bank account statement printing
    • Fund Addon Facility Management
    • Fund Withdrawal Management
    • Fund Tranfer Managament
Customer Management
  1. Manage Clients
    Search Filter Bill No/Name Wise
    Filteration For Running Loan and Closed Loan
    Track The Clients and their Data
    Add Client and Loan Senction
    Senction Loan By Per Day Or Monthly Interest
    Senction Loan By EMI system
    Add Mortgage and maintain data
    Print Form 11,Print Passbook,Print Ledger,Mortgage Return Form,Loan Tenure Change
    Detail EMI Statement Printing
    Khatavahi Printing
Expense Manager
  1. Add Expense
  2. Add Assets
  3. Track Expenses
Repayment Management
  1. Add Repayments OF clients
    Add Interest and Principle amount according to Loan Percentage
    Collect EMI Payments
    Print Form No 12 or 13
    Track Repayment Collections
  1. RokadBook
    Day Wise CashBook Printable form
    Month Wise Cashbook Printable form
Anuual Statement Management
  1. Generate Yearly Reports of Pending Loans
  2. Print Form No 15
  1. Form No 3 : Firm Registration Form Upload
  2. Form No 2 : Firm Registration Licence Renewal Form
  3. Form No 7 : Rokad Book
  4. Form No 8 : Private Ledger
  5. Form No 10 : Mortgage Register
  6. Form No 11 : Loan Senction Form
  7. Form : 14 Pass Book Print
  8. Form 15 : Yearly Loan Data Form
  1. Owners Details
  2. Registration Form NO 3
  3. Software Settings
  4. Product License Details
  5. Software Version Details
  6. Software Settings To Change Financial Year
    • Can Change Financial Year Upto 1 Year
  7. Software Settings To Change Financial Year
    • Can Change Financial Year Upto Last 5 Year
  8. Contact Us Form
    • Company’s Contact Details
Other Inside Features
  1. Online Licesne Activation Feature
  2. Reset Password Mechanism
  3. Online Report an Issue button
  4. Data Cant Be alterd Once Transation Started In Loan Forms